An understanding of the fluid phase behavior of the in situ reservoir fluid is necessary to properly predict current and future fluid behavior during primary, secondary and tertiary recovery. Weatherford Labs has developed protocols to help our clients maximize reservoir performance through fluid phase behavior and core studies on all play types. Whether your reservoir is a tight gas, gas condensate, conventional oil, heavy oil or bitumen Weatherford Labs results minimize your risk and increase accuracy of your reservoir model.


Field Sampling Services
Differential Liberation and Separator Testing (PVT)
Constant Volume Depletion Studies (CVD)
Rising Bubble Apparatus (RBA)
Slim Tube Test
Pressure Composition Diagram (P-X)
Swelling Tests
Multicontact - Ternary Phase Diagram
Interfacial Tension Measurements (IFT)
Constant IFT Core Floods
Solids Onset Determination
Acid Gas Studies (H2S and CO2)
Equation of State Modeling
Compositional Simulation
ASP chemical Floods


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