Weatherford Laboratories leads the industry in comprehensive sorption reservoir characterization. In fact, our facility in Denver, Colorado (USA) is the largest sorption laboratory in the world. Among our accomplishments:

  • Pioneering work to determine gas content from desorption experiments
  • Over $25M in R&D work
  • 800+ well studies in 30+ basins with 100+ clients
  • Over 100 technical papers and hundreds of industry presentations
  • Authors of the Gas Research Institute books on CBM gas content analysis

Today our services encompass coal characterization (density, proximate, ultimate, sulfur, ash, moisture), adsorption isotherm analysis, in situ permeability testing, formation evaluation, CBM reservoir engineering, and core-free critical desorption pressure determinations. The result is a comprehensive picture of sorption reservoirs, enabling accurate evaluation of coal bed and shale gas prospects.


Gas Content and Gas In Place (GIP)
Gas Composition
Adsorbed Phase Gas Storage Capacity (Adsorption Isotherm)
Gas Saturation
In Situ Permeability Testing
Field Core Handling and Preservation
Sample Bulk Composition and Property Analysis
Programmed Pyrolysis
Helium Grain Density
Proximate Analysis
Total Sulfur
Ultimate Analysis
Gross Calorific Value (BTU)
Sulfur-In-Place Analysis
In Situ Moisture Analysis
Petrographic Analysis


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