Weatherford Laboratories is engaged in all facets of rock and fluid analysis for the purpose of evaluating hydrocarbon resources around the world. Our services include core retrieval, analysis and management; geochemical assessments; unconventional reservoir evaluation; and, consulting and engineering services. Additionally, we have developed a wealth of proprietary instrumentation and software in the constant pursuit of more accurate data. With locations on six continents, Weatherford Laboratories provides laboratory services to every major oil and gas producer and is experienced in all play types, on and offshore. Our purpose is to provide precise data coupled with expert interpretation to help you optimize oil and gas production.


In an industry where insight and experience are paramount, Weatherford Laboratories stands alone. Among our ranks are several luminaries of the industry whose cutting-edge work has transformed conventional thinking about oil and gas reservoirs. Our team includes several highly respected scientists who have authored hundreds of technical papers. Taken together, our geologists, engineers and technicians offer thousands of years of experience in virtually every hydrocarbon-related science, with multiple advanced degrees and scientific awards to support analytical judgments.

What's possible when the best people handle your project? The best people deliver the best analysis. And the best analysis leads to less risk and m reward. It's that simple.


At Weatherford Laboratories, we are committed to Higher Standards. Our accomplishments include 50 new technologies, 45 original products, 35 industry awards, and 13 registered patents. We count 3 Distinguished Lecturers among us and we can claim some 982 technical papers on our resume. But those statistics are simply the outward reflection of an internal attitude. Inside Weatherford Laboratories, we nurture an entrepreneurial spirit because it leads to fresh thinking and innovation. We seek out the best minds in the industry for our team. We implement the best tools and technologies to deliver superior science. We encourage proactive problem-solving and superior customer service. Above all, we foster a culture where excellence is the only option. 

Excellence has led to a client roster that includes every major oil and gas player around the world, a role in countless major projects, dozens of successful completions around the world, and 24/7 reliability.   

Higher standards. Greater expectations. Unlimited possibilities. That's the mindset at Weatherford Laboratories.

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