Analyses of your rocks, oils, and gases are critical to efficiently and effectively evaluate the potential productivity of your well.  The quality of the samples that you use for these analyses are equally important in getting the most accurate and representative results possible, especially when considering the prevalence of oil and synthetic based muds commonly used in the industry.

A variety of rock sample types are typically available for testing such as cuttings, percussion sidewall cores, rotary sidewall cores, conventional core, and outcrop samples.  All of these can yield invaluable information in completing and producing oil and gas wells.  They can also provide an understanding of the maturity and generating potential of the petroleum system as well as helping to identify bypassed pay zones.

Weatherford Laboratories has assembled the best, most experienced minds in the core analysis, desorption, PVT, and geochemical industry to not only develop test protocols and generate data, but also to guide you in using the best available sample for the most appropriate test.  Our innovative techniques can give you the edge you need in the core analysis industry.

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