Two designs in skateboarding – Tony adamowicz Hawk and Vans – join forces

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Commercial vehicles and Tony Adamowicz Falcon released the partnership the brand of the State . Hawk will likely be a large-generates a new competition vertisement professional skateboarding, while simultaneously selling branded programs worldwide Vans. It will certainly remain a commentator overshadow the leisure Vans Sequence area. "Vans skateboarding supported Two icons in Whereas the beginning, and not wavered in devotion, despite popular substantial achievement," said Hawk. "We have always respected their integrity, so it will be an honor to formally join the forces that work to maintain the lifestyle of skateboarding increasingly the most authentic way possible. " Vans ended the first Hawk skateboarding sneakers at any time used in 1978. "My father bought me a match and I also pleaded with him to the element 'guard the ankle" because high-clothes are not available, but. Iused Vans almost exclusively vans skate shoes slip on before the mid-80s, "he found. "Tony Adamowicz Hawk brand is the symbol of the skateboard for fans worldwide," said Bobby Gascon, director of cinema in the world of sports activities for Vans. "He is a master and influenced thousands of posting a panel about his extraordinary expertise. We are honored that it may be promoting the pursuit of Vans for the market and develop skateboarding worldwide. " Given the epidemic coronavirus, Vans and Falcon focus on skateboarding provides optimistic indeed. This partnership helps skateboarding areas in the world and offer lovers to each other through interpersonal livestream promotions, applications give new philanthropic and inventive items of collaborations. "These days can be extremely difficult for many, which is why we hoped to provide impressive and creative imagination to the world community Savor," Falcon mentioned.

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